Comme Des Garcons Shirt Fall 2014 Paris

Posted on January 22 2014

If you didn't know already, Comme des Garcons menswear line consists of 3 collections. Homme Plus, which is the main collection and is given pride of place among the three on the Paris runway; Homme Deux, the more office-friendly collection of slightly twisted classic styles: and Shirt, which functions as the baby collection of the house.

Comme des Garcons Shirt is as it sounds, predominantly a shirt collection and it is the collection where the house does the majority of its collaborations with artists, brands and companies.

Rei Kawakudo, founder and head designer of Comme des Garcons, invited Nicolas Buffe, a French designer living in Tokyo, to collaborate with her line this season. Buffe's background in set design and costumes for Paris operas resulted in the printed shirts, shorts and trousers seen in the collection.




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