Posted on May 25 2015

We are primarily a "tops" clothing line as that is what we do best (for now..). We wanted to share with you some of the brands we are styling with our CharlieBoy pieces to create awesome outfits.

The following brands are 3 of our favourites at the moment AND they just happen to be Australian - perfect!

AM Eyewear is a premium handcrafted eyewear label born in Sydney, Australia and sold globally. Their ethos is simple; to design beautiful, unique and exceptional eyewear that makes a difference. With so much effort going into the designing and manufacturing of every frame, they choose to dedicate every design to the person who has inspired it.

We love these Cox-Gent's Tort frames (below). Check their website for stocklists:



Nena & Pasadena has developed into one of Australia's most notorious street wear labels.

Established in 2009 when the AFL's star Lance "Buddy" Franklin joined forces with one of Australia's leading menswear labels to create Nena & Pasadena.

In 2013 they developed and introduced the Flight Pant. Featuring a signature slim line fit and flight pockets combined with an overall sleek aesthetic and elastic ankle. This pant was awarded Europe's Number 1 pant in 2014 and cemented the brand as a global force. The brand is driven to enhance the core products of today, with a strong focus on delivering the future.

We love the evolution of the Flight Pant - the Thunder Flight Pant (below in Apache Green). The same cut as the original Flight Pant but with a ribbed gusset insert and stretch ribbed ankle. Check their website for stocklists:



Based in Australia and inspired by the world, Rollie is a brand connected to the universal love of colour, youth and living life to the fullest.

Footwear designer Jean Vincent Lebon launched the line in 2011. His success with international fashion groups and global knowledge drives Rollies forward.

It's all about fun colours and wearing something so light you'll never want to take it off.

We LOVE all of the Rollies collection but the Derby Black leather/Cow print (below) are particularly awesome. Check out their website four stockists:







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