Dharf.com is an Australian designed and made pet wear line specialising in dog jackets, harnesses, collars and cat collars.

The designs are characterised by their sharp, colourful and playful style and use of bright and eye popping fabrics. The pieces are handmade and you can see how much thought has gone into their construction.

We recently purchased one of their dog Bandanas in Red Paisley for Nunu and we LOVE it (Nunu thinks it's pretty great too..). It has a heavy duty metal D-ring for your tag and leash and a lock option on the release buckle for extra security. You can also remove the bandana and just use it as a collar if it's just not a bandana kind of day.

Dharf.com offers pet bow ties that serve as collars too. We LOVE the Green Squares option (photo below) and think it will be the perfect colour to compliment Nunu's wardrobe for next Spring/Summer.

We have seen many pet wear accessories on the market and Dharf.com has to be at the top of the list for quality, functionality and style.

Get your pooch some gear at:




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