Our Story

CharlieBoy was launched in 2013.

The idea seemed simple and very relevant: An Australian made gender neutral clothing line.

The vision, talent and drive were there but the business experience was not.


We didn’t have a huge budget or investors.

We were learning on the job and, while gaining a steady following, made a lot of mistakes.

We called ourselves a unisex/gender neutral brand although with set standard sizes we couldn’t possibly cater to people of all genders.

We were adamant to offer Australian made product but our Australian manufacturers were expensive, slow and their quality was inconsistent.

We spent money and time on events and opportunities that weren’t profitable.

We weren’t experts in social media, SEO or marketing.

We wanted to do too much too fast.

We didn’t know what we didn’t know.

We ran out of money…


It was time to re-group and re-evaluate while someone else was paying us – employment.

Working for 3 years in the fashion and tailoring industry absorbing as much as possible about best business practises, quality assurance and perfect fit was an invaluable experience.


Here we are 6 years on. It’s 2019 and we are back!

This time we are keeping it simple.

We are CharlieBoy, The Shirt Makers.

We make high quality but affordable bespoke shirts for people of all genders (and, yes, we still make shirts for dogs – why not..?).

We have chosen to be Australian made so we can truly operate in an ethical and eco-friendly way.

What this means that our shirts are now made to order specifically for you.

One size – Yours!

We can now accommodate your unique needs and desires. All shirts are made in our studio in Sydney with the utmost precision and care – this is what we truly love to do.