End of Roll Fabrics

We source most our fabrics from a selection of Australian suppliers. They are high quality designer roll ends left over from other brands production which we are able to purchase in various amounts. Although purchasing our fabrics this way may be more expensive and is limited to what we can find we believe the benefits far out-weigh the cost.

  • We are able to offer our customers greater variety and “limited editions”. There will only be a limited quantity of shirts made in each fabric guaranteeing our customers that each shirt is truly one of a kind. We can also source fabrics for our clients if they want a particular colour, print or weave.
  • As we are not producing new fabrics our shirts are close to zero-waste. Purchasing fabric that already exists so CharlieBoy doesn’t contribute to the effects of harmful dyes or chemicals on the environment. Sourcing our fabrics this way also decreases the excess of designer fabrics in landfill.

We have chosen this way of business to create an ethical and eco-friendly product that we know our clients will love and that we can be truly proud of.